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Hybrid Graphene

New method/Hybrid graphene production Hybrid graphene Hi-puri and Hydra production with high dispersion and excellent conductivity through hydrogen treatment.

Using chemical and physical methods Our graphene form is intentionally designed to have easy workability, such as normal graphite, But when used in practice, unlike normal graphite.
it has been developed to show the characteristics of graphene through strong dispersion.
The excellent dispersibility can be found in our products

Graphene Heater Unit

Aluminum plate heaters, Stainless steel plate heaters production.
Stable thermal efficiency and Graphene plate heaters that have good maintaining efficiency and High temperature uniformity produced by wide heating area.

Our hybrid graphene heater is based on UD's graphene heating element manufacturing technology.
Our parts have high electrical energy efficiency (over 300%).
And Graphene thin film heating unit :Al/Stainless covered: Hience-U/SU series, which have good temperature uniformity and have a large heating area, which is advantageous for maintaining efficiency.
They offer the range of High temperatures from 400°C to 600°C.

Excellent Graphene Composite Production

Our graphene composites are producing in a variety of types, including metals and ceramics.
Graphene coated composites, Graphene functionalized composites, Graphene riched composites.
Hybrid graphene- aluminum mixture and composite for casting

UD (UDerive) Co., Ltd. has the technology to produce composites in a variety of ways based on hybrid graphene.
We have the technology to produce graphene-coated composites, graphene functionalized composites, and graphene riched composites.
To meet a variety of objectives, by producing graphene composites, Solving the difficulties of purchasing and applying graphene composites, and trying to have a positive impact on the industry.

Graphene Block Heater Module

Producing block-structure heater modules with excellent thermal energy efficiency:
Higher energy efficiency than conventional electric heaters.

High thermal energy efficiency and reduced electric energy consumption by over 70% compared to conventional electric heaters.
Block structure makes it easy to expand.

Flexible Heater

Flexible graphene heating unit : Hience-F series that show stable heating efficiency even in a bent state.

From 150℃ to 200℃ of using temperatures , Hience-F serise is a flexible heater with excellent conductivity and high thermal efficiency.
It is produced using our hybrid graphene, and the exterior is applied with polyimide.
It is excellent in heat resistance, and it is easy to be applied to devices that require dynamic changes multiple times due to the characteristics of graphene and film type, and it shows stable heating efficiency even in a curved state.

Conductive Graphene Ink, Paste and Functional Paint Production

The Suitable products production for a wide range of viscosity, excellent conductivity, high temperature usability and excellent Diffusion (spreadability) and the moderate drying conditions fitting for various business filed.

Starting with the production and manufacture of graphene in our hybrid way, the excellent characteristics of our graphene have been done in the lineup of conductive inks, pastes, spray solvents and functional paint products.

Materials for Electric

Graphene and SnO2 Composite production for gas sensors that reduces electrical barriers to operate at room temperature, reducing electrical signal noise/loss.

UD's graphene metal oxide composite is developed for applying to electronic devices.
Among them, the graphene-SnO2 composite has excellent performance in sensors for detecting atmospheric NO2.
In general, SnO2 is all thing of the sensor material for NO2 gas sensor, Our products have graphene functionalized structure on the SnO2-Sn: core-shell structure so composite that has changed the work function and the band gap of SnO2.
This structural design allows the sensor to operate at room temperature, although the existing sensor operating temperature was over 200℃.
At the same time, electrical barriers between grain boundaries are reduced to reduce electrical signal noise or loss.

Graphene Metal Casting Materials

Mass-productionable Graphene metal alloy materials.

Graphene-metal alloy has been proved through numerous studies that it has superior mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties compared to conventional metal or metal alloys.
However, the density difference between graphene and metal caused separation and agglomeration between two materials during the casting process, so there was no casting material that could overcome this

Smart industrial system developement

UDPIS: Inventory logistics management, web browser based, mobile use available, automatic reporting program(medicine serial number management)

UDMRP: Managing Software site - Manufacturing Equipment

Program for the spread of smart industrial systems.  It is a business group that is expected with the complete landing of 5G with technologies that will help small and medium-sized enterprises manage logistics and establish automatic reporting systems, manage production facilities, predict production cycles and efficiency.