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UDERIVE is Technology with us
     UDerive writes the story of the company with its own technology from the beginning.
We seek product diversity by designing and producing products with ease of applicability and efficiency that will substantially benefit the industry.
This is UDerive.
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UDERIVE     Aug, 2016
The journey from IT to nanomaterials and component module production

Because of the passion that does not go off! That's because of that passion!

When we were developing an industrial program and growing sales power,
Our CEO Mr Gyu Sam ,Shim said, "We need to do manufacturing business! This is probably the fate!".
As we met Dr. Na, who is currently in charge of product development,
expanded the company's business area quickly.
The problem here is that passion!
We were thrilled to be testing that Hi-PURI and HYDRA: (our new graphene in a hybrid method developed in-house)
that is different from traditional graphene.
That's because of its performance as graphene and characteristics easy to control.
To prove it, We started branding UDNANO what we could do with our graphene.
We started making product lineups to show the performance as the hybrid graphene by our technology.

If anyone among us had said "that's enough", we would have been named as a manufacturer of graphene powder only.
However, we did the best in developing from the various composites to applications: conductive pastes, inks, and functional paints.

And one more to say, our graphene has excellent electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity,
And also Mr. shim, our CEO has gold hands that are commonly said.
He always says that we need to save energy resources to keep polar bears alive,
So we started making unit and modules which can save energy and give great energy efficiency.
That's why we're launching to UDCORE.
We remember that being back from work after countless experiments watching the sun rises.
The passion that does not go off! That's because of that passion!

Introducing our technical chronology.
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IT Technology
Smart industrial system development
-UDPIS: Reporting and managing web site-Supplying & Account.
-UDMRP: Managing Software site
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Graphene manufacturing begins
New method/Hybrid graphene production Hybrid graphene Hi-puri and Hydra production with high dispersion and excellent conductivity through hydrogen treatment.
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Excellent Graphene Composite Production
Our graphene composites are producing in a variety of types, including metals and ceramics.
Graphene coated composites, Graphene functionalized composites, Graphene riched composites.
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Conductive Graphene Ink, Paste and Functional Paint Production
The Suitable products production for a wide range of viscosity, excellent conductivity, high temperature usability and excellent Diffusion (spreadability) and the moderate drying conditions fitting for various business filed.
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Materials for Electric
Graphene and SnO2 Composite production for gas sensors that reduce electrical barriers to operate at room temperature for reducing electrical signal noise/loss
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Graphene Heater Unit
Aluminum plate heaters, Stainless steel plate heaters production. Graphene plate heaters that have good maintaining efficiency and high-temperature uniformity produced by a wide heating area.
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Flexible heater
It is a flexible heater with excellent conductivity and high thermal efficiency. It is produced using our hybrid graphene, and the exterior is applied with polyimide.
It is excellent in heat resistance, and it is easy to be applied to devices that require dynamic changes multiple times due to the characteristics of graphene and film type, and it shows stable heating efficiency even in a curved state.
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Graphene Block Heater Module
Producing block-structure heater modules with excellent thermal energy efficiency: Higher energy efficiency than conventional electric heaters.
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Graphene Metal Alloy Castings
Mass-productionable Graphene metal alloy materials